Emma Hardicker

Image of a framed handmade card, hanging on a wall. Image of multiple handmade cards lined together on a shelf.

12 Floral Designs

  • Nicotiana Teal

  • Christmas Rose

  • Fritillaries

  • Viola

  • Aster

  • English Rose

  • Oriental Poppy

  • Carnation

  • Bluebells

  • Star Of The Veldt

  • Apple Blossom

  • Polyanthus

Cards ~ Hand printed cards

A collection of 8 hand-printed cards £20 plus postage and packaging.

These handmade cards have been silkscreen printed in a range of colours. They are hand cut and grouped into collections of eight floral designs. Each one is handcrafted and stands alone as a small piece of art.

In this collection you will receive eight different designs in a mixture of colours, The colours and eight grouped design are always changing as they are made with colours I choose through the year


Size: 11.5cm square
Card: 280gsm textured white paper
Medium: Acrylic paint, hand printed
Envelope: 100gsm white gummed diamond envelope
Cellophane pocket.

Colours may vary from those shown